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Hello Kesha

Bezek is the best! Today was is his 5 month B-Day and I've got him at work w/ me for a couple hours. He's incredible everyone loves him to death. He's so well behaved. I've taught him: Come, sit, down, stay, paw/shake, roll-over, kiss, speak and the paramount WHERE'S THE MOMMY? (after this command he proceeds to track her down for me). He hardly ever barks and I can walk him w/out a leash but only do so around the yard. He weighs in at a little over 50-lbs now and the doc says that he at an optimum weight. He's only got two baby teeth left, his two canines on the right side and they're getting pushed out and will probably only last another week tops.

He's going to be going for his level 1 Federal Therapeutic test in two weeks. He'll pass easily I'm sure.

Owned by Martin and Karen Sokoloski..

Hello Kesha,
Here is a pic of Rocky, the kid's named him, was after he first arrived. He is about four weeks ago sitting beside our pond. He was despondent because the kids and ashley were out on the raft and on the island building the pirate house and he was not allowed to go as he fell off two weeks prior (he thought he was clever and tried to bump ashley off, who just jumped out of the way and in he went) and we had to jump in and save him.His constant companion is the little king charles cavalier, Ashley, they play together all the time.He is doing great has had all his shots and weighed almost forty pounds at 4 months. I think he will be a moose, the way he is going, lol.


Hope all is well with you. Wanted to send you an updated photo of Mysti. She is now a year old and approx 115 lbs. We could not ask for a more wonderful girl ! She is out of Charlie X Buddy last year in Oct. Thought you might want to see how she turned out. Thank you so much for her ! She loves our kids and grandbaby to pieces and is just a love, thinks she is a lap baby at times as well and tries to fit all of her on your lap.

Van and Debbie Welch

Hi Kesha!

I thought I'd take a minute to update you on Bella. She recently finished and obedience class @ PetSmart, and really enjoyed it. I am planning on enrolling her in the next one up they offer. She is so willing to please, and if you have something she wants, she follows you in the "sit" position. Scooting and twisting on her rear w/o getting up. It's the funniest thing, but it's just her being polite I guess. She LOVES to go on walks, often picking up souveniers (sticks, water bottles) along the way and carrying them in her mouth till she spots something better to pick up. I still have to kennel her or put her outside if we leave...she's a chewer. Her favs are my sofa cushion and my chair legs. As soon as she spots me or we call her name, she stops and goes to her toy basket and gets one of her toys. So she knows it's bad, but it's just so temping I guess. I hope I attached the pictures correctly. Although these were taken 3 mths ago and she's grown even since then!

Bosco x Gracie

Savage is doing good.He is spoiled by everybody.He brings so much joy to my life.
Im still working on him letting me cut his nails.My vet loves him they take pix of him all the time.Every morning i haveto take him for a donut befor work.Im glad i gt him he is a good boy.I thank you andyour service was great.Here is a new pix of him.

Thanks Bev

Dear Kesha,

We hope you are enjoying the pictures of Dempsey he just turned 17 months the other day. He is a great dog and a wonderful part of our family. He weighs over 150 lbs.. He already has received his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and is a licensed Therapy dog; he is extremely confident and very social. Also he loves to swim. He is famous in our town; where ever we go people stop us and are amazed at how friendly he is and how big his head is. He creates a crowd everywhere he goes. People stop us take his picture even having their children pose with him. people actually will stop their cars ask if that is Dempsey since just about everyone has heard about him and get out to play with him. Anytime anyone has any questions about your Boerboels, feel free to give them to give them our cell number and we can tell them how wonderful Dempsey is as we feel he has the best temperament of any dog and we bred German Shepherds for 20 years.

Best regards,
Steven & Debbie Mesler

Dear Kesha,

Mafia is Temistocle's grandson, Harley & Angie are his parents. When we first saw photos of Temi, one of Kesha's stud dogs, it was love at first sight. Now having Mafia is like having Temi in our family. Kesha has presented herself not only as a wise professional breeder, but a true friend at heart. Her careful choice of breeding for the success of the breed goes beyond what we have expected. Mafia has truly brightened our lives and given us a another chance in being an example of responsible dog owners. Mafia is my Demo-Dog in my Training classes. He loves the spot light and of course unfailing to be known the protector.
Thank You Kesha, for his beautiful bloodline.

The Giannotti Jr. Family
Stratford, CT 

Dear Kesha

Tsie Tsie is doing well and is already being trained. My other dogs are doing well with her also. Thanks for a great dog.

Larry Harris


Merry Christmas....... an update on Bear,

He continues to grow+grow+grow! He has a heart of gold, puts our niece back in bed at night and likes to bark when he wants attention! He love the beach but hates water everyone asks about him+ recently we had a dog show judge tells us we should show him with his beautiful stature. He is still a big puppy at heart + we are Thankful for him to be part of are family each day!

Mark, Kim, Kona and Bear.

Hello Kesha,

All is well. I am glad that all went well with your family's new addition. The pups name is Pepper and he is great !!!! He is very smart and gentle and loves eating time. He loves to play with the Belgian Malinois puppy that we are raising for the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Program, he can't keep up yet but he is catching up. (the military dog is 1 month older than Pepper). I will be registering Pepper for puppy classes through the AKC here in TEXAS.Pepper might be on TV while I am working at the Solider Rehab facility here where we live in Texas, I will keep you posted. 
Thanks for your support.



We love Oba. He is the sweetest puppy and catches on very easily. His demeanor is very regal and pleasant. He is relaxed and happy around new faces and dogs. The process of selecting Oba and working with Dynasty South African Boerboels was very smooth and educational. Kesha was very happy to answer any questions and let us know what was going on every step of the way. It put us at ease, especially going through the process for the first time. We love Oba's coloring. He looks almost identical to Romulus his dad with a bit of white on his underside and paws like his mom Charlie. 

Eric and Maria

HI Kesha, 

Christmas was great, the family really loved Nala. We have high hopes that Nala will be fine. She loves to play and explore! We'll definitely keep in touch! 

Raul and Matt

Dear Kesha:
Khali is the light of our lives! She has such a big personality and makes us laugh on a daily basis. We love that she can't bear to be away from our children and takes such great care with them. She's giving our older Lab a good workout as well, and they are great friends. Out of all the dogs we've had in our life, there's never been one as smart as Khali. She has breezed through obedience training and potty training, and has done it all with a great deal of style. As nervous as I was about this whole process, I want to thank you for walking me through everything and helping us fall in love with a beautiful pup that we can't imagine ever being without. Best of luck to you and your family.
The Dunk Family


Thanks for the puppy, he is now a big dog, and is an excellent dog, thanks for him.

Jorge Menchaca

Hi Kesha,

Skye is the most beautiful dog around. I took her to a friends house yesterday and he had an older boerboel he said that her energy level was like one that he had never seen before. I really do think she is one of the smartest dogs I have ever had she picks up on everything really fast. Thanks,  you guys are really great breeders. I am very pleased with my dog. 
The Case Family

Hello Kesha, 

We would like to thank both of you for our wonderful dogs. We would recommend you as a breeder to anyone. I respect and appreciate the professional breeding outlook that my wife and I received while dealing with Dynasty. We will continue to keep in touch. 

Thanks again , 

Joel & Barb Clough 

Hello Keesha,

Just thought I would let you guys know how were doing and send some pictures. Well first off Achilles is doing great and so am I. He never leaves my side and when I go into a room he's not allowed in he waits for me. I couldn't ask for a better dog. For sure the dog of my dreams. Everyone just loves him, and no matter where I take him people cant help but to stop and adore him. Never thought i would get tired of saying South African Boerboel but everyone wants to know what he is and make me repeat it several times.ha ha..but really i enjoy having a dog no one has and everyone wants. I been sure to give them all your name. We have been in the dog training class for 3 weeks now in bellaire. He's doing so good, everyone there loves him, he's just so smart. He is def. the perfect dog for me. Very laid back, we just chill and watch tv together and relax, and on the warmer days go for long walks and play some games outside. Cant wait till spring. But any ways here are some pictures. Hope to hear from you guys soon. P.S Send some pictures of his brother if you get any thanks. 

Rodney & Achilles

Hi Kesha... 

What fun to see photos of his brother, they look a lot alike! Bear is growing into an incredible pup, he is sooo playful and silly. His favorite sleeping position is on his back all paws straight up in the air. WE will send you more photos via email later this week but here are a few of Kona and Bear together! He weighed in at 73 pounds this week, gaining about 1.5 pounds every other day, yikes! He is such a joy and Kona loves him to pieces, they are inseparable, when we separate them, they both cry and when they see each other again (even after 3 minutes) it is pure joy! WE couldn't be happier thank you for such a wonderful recommendation 

- Kimberly

Kesha Dameron Carson    Greenville, TN 37745

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